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Unhappy with my happiness

Ive not been a fan of Carrie Underwood, going all the way back to my disappointment when she won. We figured shed be a damned superstar, and that you wouldnt be able to listen to country radio for an hour without hearing her.

Conincidentally, I quit listening to the radio all day right around the time she won. Ive started again the last week or so, and you cant listen for an hour without hearing Carrie.

The thing that Im finding disturbing about this is that Im finding that I dont mind.

This is painful and horrible and shameful for me to admit, but I actually like her new single.

Whod have guessed it?

Whats the plural of hiatus?

Because its hard to say, mother of all unplanned hiatus(es), without a proper plural. Heh.

For a while, I was thinking Id just steal a strategy from this fellow and forget about the thing until the season started. I think, though, that even though there might not be many posts between now and January, there are likely to be a few ramblings here and there. After all, Idol isnt the only reality show addiction I suffer, and its possible that someone out there might like to hear me ramble on about Americas Next Top Model, right?

Or maybe not, lol. If nothing else, therell be albums to review soon. I missed Clays, but I plead Claygnorance on that one. He was before my time, and not my style.

Ah, well. Thats a lot of words to say watch this space, but thats the nature of the beast, no?

Taylor, on the other hand, is driven

Heres a fascinating article about Taylor Hicks and the shadow tour I didnt realize was happening.

Suddenly, I think I understand why peope love the guy. Really. The Taylor Hicks who shines through here is somebody Id love to have a beer with. And isnt that a lot of it, the beer test? Hes also someone Id love to see play his own Jasmin live music. Ive got the sneaking suspicion now that when hes not being the Idol, hes probably pretty fucking good.

Hey, I never claimed to be quick.

A long list of links in lieu of actual commentary on anything

Because sometime between my childhood and now, summer became for being frantically busy instead of relaxing. Hmmmph.

Constantines headed to Broadway. And heres a good review of Constantine in concert.

Last weeks Idols on the Radio from Something That Really Happened.

Jennifer Hudson Well On Way to World Domination.

Heres a review of the Fantasia Lifetime movie. Heres another. And some more about it. And another review. Heres the official Livejasmin site. Good or bad, apparently the thing got monster ratings.

American Idol Rewind? Sweet.

A new Birmingham Sound? Could be More on the Birmingham auditions here and here.

Heres another former top-ten contestant doing a musical: LaToya London.

Is the next Texas election turning into American Idol? This fellow thinks so. Heh.

Why is Idol fascinated with bad singers? I think thats up for the obvious-answer-of-the-week award.

Heres more about the NJ auditions. And more. And more. And more. Enough? I think so.

Heres a nice article about Paris Bennetts mom. (Via Idol Chatterdid you see that theyve got the Pickler Report now?)

Mikalah Gordon was robbed at gunpoint in Las Vegas. Yikes.

American Idol karaoke? Apparently.

I totally missed this: 100 Doses: A Long-Term Cure for American Idol, Part 3. Damned, evil life keepiong me from the damned, evil computer!

Confessions of an American Idol Addict

Heres an update on Philippine Idol.

And thats about it!

Big Three Album Reviews

Some commentary on the albums Ive heard so far by last years Idols

Chris Daughtrys album is as good as youd expect, but risks sounding all the same. Still, its an easy yet rocking listen throughout. I really have to listen more to get a feel for whether any tracks stand out for me.

When we played the CD, I actually sighed when he started signing, and found his voice as good as I expected and recalled. Deb went further, describing Daughtrys voice as liquid sex.

At the same time there is a ticklish uniformity to the chaturbate songs, there is relief that Chris managed not to get biced. My term for overmanaged, overproduced, and overpackaged into forgettable blandness, rather than being allowed to do music that represents you and what your fans expect. Poor Bo. In fact, none of the three discussed here were biced! Thats a major surprise, since one of them was the Idol winner.

Kellie Picklers album is a huge surprise to me. Bear in mind that I dont do country music. Carrie Underwood? No thanks! I did enjoy Pickler in the competition, as much for overall entertainment value as for singing, but Id never have expected to call her album arguably my favorite between Her, Daughtry and Hicks.

I agree with Sandra Bullock that Kellie should do comedy, and look forward to seeing what her sitcom is like.

Yet she can sing! Her singing is aided by the fact that she can entertain, and was not biced, as I mentioned above. The songs suit her perfectly, and have range. Theres brisk. Theres funny. Theres touching. Theres the obligatory reference to calamari. Theres a nice song addressed to the mother who abandoned her.

I love Kellie Picklers album, and I am shocked by that.

But wait! I despised Taylor Hicks during Idol last year. I was baffled by his following. Tellingly, my brother, a musician himself, saw nothing but part of the finale and was shocked to learn that the worst of the male singers he saw had won. He still cant get over that, and as a non-watcher of Idol, thats his lasting impression. Ironically, Taylor sometimes reminded me of my brother. Both benefit from having the right songs for their voice and style, which makes them best singing their own material.

Purchasing Taylors CD was something we would never have done except in support of Idol blogging.

Surprise! First, it excludes that ridiculous, insipid single they made him perform on Idol and release in the aftermath. Second, the style is Taylor-made, and nothing at all like that earlier single to creep you out.

Plus you dont have to see Taylor while listening.

Taylors music fits in a hard to define or describe niche of soulful pop that Id not go out of my way to hear, but which can be perfectly good. If people pay attention to his stuff, he could breathe life into that genre. The songs stand out. I have Taylors songs in my playlist, mixed with hundreds of others, and I know its him the second any of his songs start.

Like Kellie, Taylor managed to be distinctive and varied on this album in a way that Chris missed. It still wont be for everyone, but it will be for far more of you than youd expect. And this from a big Hicks detractor.

In short, they are all good. McPhee has quite a challenge, matching them. I cant imagine liking her CD, but well see what happens. Chris is arguably the best singer of the bunch, but the others compensate through an excellent selection of suitable music in a style appropriate for them.

Ten things I missed while I was gone

TV Squad has got the latest on the upcoming Fantasia movie. Is anyone surprised that one of the Idol producers is saying that they absolutely did not pressure her to drop out? Id hardly heard of AI at that point and wasnt watching, so Ill not try to guess at whats going on here, but it seems odd. Of course, it is a Lifetime movie

Kat finally rejoined the tour!

Heres a Malaysian review of the Season Five Encores album. Ouch.

Reality TV Magazine is wondering why Elliott doesnt have a record deal yet. I think theyre pretty spot-on in their analysis.

Apparently Elliott was late for the event last Friday at the White House. As the mother of two under two, let me tell you that if I had a choice between meeting the President and sleeping, sleep would win every time. Of course, doing photo ops comes with the territory but Im sympathetic on this one.

Ayla Brown: Being on American Idol and seen before 35 million people was wonderful, but singing with Keith Lockhart and the Pops at the Esplanade was the highlight of my singing life.

Heres a nice roundup of where the top ten are at, career-wise.

Katharine McPhee on her bulimia. Im not a fan, but I am so impressed with her on this score. It takes guts to beat it and more to talk about it.

Kudos to Fox for being smart enough to leave AI on the schedule right where it is.

Althouse on the AI photo op with the President.