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So You Think You Can Dance

I know absolutely nothing about dance. But I absolutely love this show. I started watching part way through the season and Im entirely hooked.

Am I the only one who jumped up and cheered when Dmitri got booted last week?

Anyway, my impressions of tonights show follow.

Donyelle Travis: Hip HopI thought they were fabulous. I loved the way they related to each other. I really wish Nigel would leave his criticisms of the choreography out, since there isnt a damned thing the dancers can do about it. I thought they really worked what they had.

Allison Ivan: TangoOne word: hot. Allison, especially.

Natalie Ryan: DiscoMe? Meh. Judges? Ugh. On second thoughtugh.

(Im eloquent tonight, no? LOL.)

Heidi Benji: Broadwayhead and shoulders above the others. These two are in a whole different league, performance-wise, at this point in the night. Wouldnt it be wild if the final was all in the family?

(I have to confess, though, that Benji is my favorite, and has been since that first week where he did that amazing Hip Hop routine with Donyelle that nobody suspected he had the inner sexy to pull off. I just lurve him.)

Donyelle Travis, 2: Quick StepI thought it started slow, but got fantastic fast. This must be one of those because I have no idea what Im talking about things, because the judges were less than impressed. Still, I wonder how much people base their votes on anything the judges say. Id figure theyd go more with what looks good to them, and maybe even moreso if theres disagreement. Hmm. I guess well see.

Allison Ivan, 2: Hip Hopagain, hot. Again, Allison, especially. She was positively glowing. Just damn.

Natalie Ryan, 2: Contemporarybeautiful. They pulled themselves together after the disappointment of their first routine and just took it to another level. Im not sure it will be enough to save them, though.

Heidi Benji, 2: MamboOh.My.Gawd. Absolutely amazing. Tonights clear winners.

Picking the losers is tough. Ive got the feeling that the Disco routine will catch up with Natalie and Ryan both. They were the only ones to have a truly bad moment tonight. Then again, the judges were not so impressed with Donyelle and Travis, either. Of course, with America voting, anything can happen.

Results tomorrow night