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SYTYCD: I might someday get to watch it edition

Been a busy week at my house and I havent had the time to devote to my beloved AI news or anything that we managed to tape while we were hiding from the heat. I managed to watch the competition portion of SYTYCD this afternoon, though, and without breaking it out bit by bit, Id say Ivan and Natalie must be doomed.

goes looking to see who left

According to this recap, I was absolutely right. And next week is the final? Already? Yikes.

I still think Benjis going to win the whole thing, which would make me a very happy girl. I know theres a lot of talk about Travis being a better dancer, but (much like AI) thats not all there is to this sort of competition. Benji has an undefinable energy about him, a sense of joy that comes through in every move he makes, and thats going to count more with the audience, I think, than that he might not be the most technically proficient dancer present. As Fat Doctor says:

Last night I entered an all-time low in reality TV addiction. I voted for Benji, Donyelle and Heidi. Then, rethinking my decision, I voted for Benji another 10 times. Now, truth be told, Id be happy if any of these three win, but my heart sings when Benji dances.


Straight Outta Geostationary Orbit

So, I'm flipping around the seemingly endless radio dial. On Howard 100, Stern is egging on some poor schmuck caller to talk about his gay experiences. Alt Nation has some good stuff going, but I'm just not feeling it. I drift past NPR Now and ESPNNews - and my finger suddenly stops.

And I fall in love with satellite radio all over again. Backspin, Channel 43.

MCG got it for Christmas. But until a few weeks ago, I didn't have the chance to get a listen to it. After 20 minutes in his car, to say I was intrigued would be an understatement. You mean, I can save up to 30 bands, and when they come on it will tell me and give me the option to switch? A ridiculous amount of commercial-free music choices? 24 hour comedy stations? Local traffic every eight minutes? Where do I freaking sign up?

The worst part about this? Now I'm a Stern fan. God help me, I tried to avoid it at first, but I just had to know what the big deal was. Now, I'm hooked. There are exceptions, of course, and his show isn't always full-on strong (thus the channel flipping this morning) - but overall the man is entertaining in a way I never thought would be possible on the radio. And in a way, it isn't - certainly not on terrestrial radio anymore.

It breaks my heart, just the tiniest little bit, to say goodbye to our local DJ friends. Well, ok, not really. When the most passably listenable radio station (97X, imho) still pretty much blows, I can happily say the small amount of money I pay for Sirius is money very well spent.