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Ayla Brown Making CD

Amazingly enough, Ayla Brown is signing a record deal and should have a CD out by October.

Weird for 13th place, yet at the same time, it was more a matter of luck than who was better at that point. Voting could have gone either way, or more accurately, a few different ways.

Her family connections dont hurt, and good for her, striking while the iron is hot. She retains a certain amount of name recognition from Idol, has enough ability and drive that she might just pull it off, and is at the same time at quite a remove from the Idol machine, sparing her from being ground and poorly reconstituted.


Heres a longer article, which confirms my assumption that the signing coincides with expiration of any Idol contract restrictions or obligations.

I know you wanna hit that

When Andy starts spamming the comments and Jefe references The Kentucky Fried Movie, you know I'm way past due for an update. Part of the updating lethargy can be contributed to my recent new role at work - data entry. When I'm not in the field solving problems, I'm stuck in a closet entering work orders into the database, which as you might imagine, is nearly as much fun as gouging myself with a box of toothpicks. This, in turn, saps my desire to do any cognitave thinking, so as a result, you get slack. As always, my best advice is to deal with it.

A belated happy birthday to Erky, who doesn't answer his cell phone after 8pm CST, it seems. Oh well. I've put in an additional order for a power chair to be delivered to you, so we can drag race down that hill near KU next time I visit.

Many of you might know of my undying love for all things retro. This is even more true when it comes to my utter fascination with the atomic culture of the 50's and early 60's - the whole "Duck and Cover" thing is so intriguing to me. Well, for those of you who have never heard or seen this gem, I present to you Propaganda Critic, which has the original Duck and Cover instructional movie in it's entirety. Watch it, and shake your head in wonder.

You have to admire people who can stand up to a terrorist. Even if that terrorist will be served up to someone with cranberries and mashed potatoes by the end of the month.