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The blogs not dead

The writers are just extra-super-sleepy. Combine a baby with a twice-a-night milk habit and a round of absolutely perfect weather (for a change!) and youve got a gal who is just too damned relaxed to keep up with it all.

Posting may stay a bit irregular for a while, but Ill try to do better than once every two weeks! Im reading, after allcan it really be that hard to write once in a while?

Waitdont answer that.

And the horse you rode in on

Christian conservative groups are always entertaining. Whether it's bashing homosexuals, burning books, or telling you exactly how you should live your life, there's something new almost every day for the common man to look at and shake his head in wonderment. And of all the causes one might think they would take up, should we really be surprised that one would be secession? Witness Christian Exodus, a movement of, oh, I'd say at least a dozen people, easy, with the aim of gathering 50,000 like-minded bretheren, moving to a yet-to-be-named southern state (but narrowed down to South Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi), and forming their own constitutional democracy. Yes, that's right, you too may be the surprise resident of an entirely new country, assuming this ridiculous notion actually gets off the ground.

Now, Mr. and Mrs. Christian Conservative, I understand you might feel marginalized these days, what with gay people running rampant in the streets, getting married, having sex on your lawn, and stealing your valuable posessions. It's a scary, sin-filled world we live in. But why stop at secession? Why not attempt a coup? I'm sure you could take a state like South Dakota completely by surprise if you staged a revolt there. From there, it would be easy to conquer states in the general vicinity (with the exception of California), and soon world domination will be yours!

Or, you could wake up tomorrow, realize something this stupid will never, ever see practical daylight, and go back to being sullen at the world that's moved beyond your small minded thinking.