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Results show

So its Allison and Natalie, and Travis and Ryan in the bottom twos tonight, and Allison and Ryan go home. No big surprises. Its getting down to the point where whoever gets booted will be awfully damned good anyhow, so its harder and harder to choose and not having a rough night becomes paramount. Little mistakes will get magnified.

My speculation is that it was Allison rather than Natalie because folks felt bad for Natalie being wth Ryan, who was clearly not quite where he needed to be last night. Maybe not having as much trouble made her not stand out as much, too. In any case, its close to impossible to choose anyway, at least among the girls.

Im really looking forward to next week.

Now we're ALL older

Happy 27th to MCG. Good choice of movie to go see (Yes! A review! Below! I love sugar!), and I hope you enjoy the gift I got you, as soon as I get around to giving it to you.

Since we're all in a talkative mood about football (seems I can't get you hosers to talk about anything else willingly), I'll give you a topic. Keyshawn Johnson: petulant baby or mortally wronged NFL superstar? Discuss. And speaking of #19, sorry about your luck, Erky, guess you're gonna need a new jersey. I hear there's a sale on #99 these days...

Hooray for poetry!